MsC Osnabruck 2022: Which is your favorite?

TrackandTuner.com visited the 2022 MsC Osnabruck Hillclimb. Last year was our first time at a Hillclimb and we absolutely loved it.


We had to come back for another great day of action. You already saw some sick slides from Team Buldre. 


A hillclimb means even more risks than racing on track. More aero and more commitment as you are basically racing on the street, to see who is fastest going uphill. Doing that with speeds over 200kph is insane, and this year the all time record was broken!


Taking risks means crashes, so we also saw quite a lot of "oef" moments.


But what I love is that everybody would go back, fix it and go up again! 


The cars going uphill are all fast.


They are organised in different classes depending on the engine size. But some of these small displacement engine cars where flying uphill, screaming and revving up to 10.000 rpm. 

I love those cars, but at the end of the day, the big guns show up with some massive Turbo cars.


We even had a car all the way from Africa. The Toyota MR2 had over 800HP, wowzers. 


I have to say the Porsche GT3 cup or a Ferrari 488 challenge right out of the factory can even do hillclimbs, which is very impressive. 


I highly recommend to go to a Hillclimb event and many thanks to the great organisation at MsC Osnabruck.

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