Project Cars: BMW e30 M50 Turbo - The Final result

Trackandtuner.com bought a BMW e30 M50 turbo all the way from Latvia. 


So we brought the car to Tims Turbo Centrum for some BIG BIG Upgrades and a full teardown. 


As you could have seen we did a lot of high performance and quality updates. 


Fully rebuild the engine, new turbo, electronica sorted by Tim,  fixed all the VEMS issues and fitted a CAN-Check display. 

As you can see, we also changed the exhaust. After the first try we wanted it a big bigger and with less of a slope. Second try was perfect. 



After all the hard work, it was time for the beauty parts.


All parts where coated black, including the wiper bottle, which according to Tim was ugly in sight. The engine cover was customized by Tim's Turbo Centrum (TTC) and looks great on the Monster Green background. 


The engine compartment was fitted with high quality foil, to prevent any heating issues, including the heat wrap on the exhaust and downpipe. 


New high performance Oil, and it was time for the Dyno at DP Engineering. 


We wanted to have it mapped on RON 98 fuel. If you run this on 102 or Ethanol, you would have at least 100-150HP more power. But I wanted to fuel where ever I need to in the Netherlands. 


So we were limited by the gas fuel quality (Vpower Shell RON 98). However DP engineering and Tim did a lot of work, checking all variables.


The end result was 565HP and over 700NM. A lot for this little car. 


After that it was time for some fun mapping, more to come on that, but a short preview down below. 


Lots of fun coming up!

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