Hart Voor Auto's 2023 - Breda Airport Meeting #2

TrackandTuner.com visited Hart voor Auto's, a meeting at the Airport Breda for the second time. 


Organised by 402Automotive, a lot of diversity and great cars attended.  


There was a show and shine, dragraces, burnouts, revv battles and many more. You can see the 2022 meeting here.


I always like diversity, while this had lots of it. From some "sjonnie" cars to really nice tuned or even hypercars.


Just a quick look around shows the diversity.  From V8 American muscle, to some greatly tuned JDM power.

Lots of action on the dragstrips.


Cars like the Nissan GTR, Porsche Turbo and the dragster cars are obvious, but I even saw a Rollce Royce on the dragstrip. 


We brough our BMW e30 Turbo which still is quite rare, with its 4 doors.


Also the first time I saw the new BMW M2 in black. I must say, black suits the car really good. I saw one at Essen and at the Nordschleife in baby blue, which to me was not very well suited of the lines of this car. 


Also lots of great JDM cars. 


Which one is your favorite?

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