Supercar Madness 2024: Back at Assen

Trackandtuner.com visited Supercar Madness at Circuit Assen for the last couple of years.


In 2024, we are BACK at Assen for another great turn-up.


Like always we have our dragraces, with BMW in the high spots. The BMW M5 has replaced the RS6 as the king of the dragstrip.


The big showstopper was the Koenigsegg Jesko, this 3.6 Million euro car, is on Dutch yellow plates, and I am glad to see the owner enjoying and driving it. 



After the usual madness from Team Banditos it was time for the first Super/Hypercar hotlaps, with the GT3RS and AMG GTR Black Series battling on track. That was great fun to see, both very capable drivers.


The GT3RS is fitted with the loudest exhaust, full pipes from SOUL. 


This is only part one, stay tuned for more madness

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