Supercar Madness 2024: Hypercar Parade line-up

Trackandtuner.com visited Supercar Madness at Circuit Assen for the last couple of years.


In 2024, we are BACK at Assen for another great turn-up.


In this part we get ready for the big Hypercar parade laps. 


The big Hypercars, like the Koenigsegg Jesko, the Revuelto, the Mclaren GTR and the Urus Mansory from Enzo Knol, take center stage at the main straight.


We had the pleasure to drive with our BMW X5 as a photo car in front to take some nice pictures. 

I like seeing all the colors, the green on the Revuelto was poppin!


The Jesko, Novitec-NLargo and the GT3RS fitted with the SOUL exhaust, where my three winners. 


But plenty of cars to pick, maybe the Spyker which is getting better and better looking with age. 


The Aston Martin in this crazy fully customized spec purple looked great. 


Enzo Knol, a popular vlogger in the Netherlands, showed off his newly finished Lamborghini Urus Mansory style. Over the top and the forged carbon might be a bit overkill for the Hypercar owners. But overall in Black, in kinda works??


Let me know what car you like?

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