Essen Motorshow 2021: The best tuner cars, NEW M3, Lamborghini, JP-performance

TrackandTuner.com visited the Essen Motorshow.


It was a bit smaller then previous years but you have already seen the great supercars and the showcars. 


In this item you will see the latest tuner parts, cars and wheels. 


Is there a real new trend this year? Not really, the big german sports cars like the BMW M3, Audi RS6, RS4 and the R8 seem to be hot like always. I must say the Performance61 Audi RS6 with the hamann wheels looked stunning.


Another nice trend, I saw, was retro wheels. Lavella had a full stand of classic inspired wheels.

Yido Performance wheels brought some big guns to the show. The BMW M8 looked so big compared to the other much smaller performance cars. 


The new BMW M3 was on multiple displays, but I haven't been overwhelmed YET. 


JP-performance as always was very popular and the Golf Widebody was certainly one of our favorites! It looked like the Renault Turbo or V6 version, really lovely. 


Oh and I might have found my new wheels for the BMW M3 e36 Turbo, can you guess???


Lots of proper and sensational cars, like the fully restored BMW M3 e46 "CSL", the M5CS, or the big fat Porsche Techart Granturismo.


Which one is your favorite?

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