Bimmerfest 2022: M3 e36 S54 Turbo Parade

TrackandTuner.com visited Bimmerfest Europe at the Venray Raceway. 


We brought our BMW M3 e36 S54 on the stand of Tims Turbo Centrum. 


In part one and part two you already seen the best BMW M cars. 


We had our BMW M3 e36 S54 turbo on display, a car which needs an empty runway to maximise its potential. However it was in very good company with some lovely BMW M3 e30's. 

As you can see the Venray speedway is like a Nascar track. Lots of cars took this opportunity to do some laps on the banking. It is a lot steeper than the Zandvoort curve for instance. 


Our BMW M3 e36 S54 Turbo, has almost 1000HP but now it was just on display with many other great cars. 


I couldn't resist taking a picture of the Phoenix Yellow BMW M3 e46, such a unique color. Should phoenix Yellow look cool on a BMW M5 I wonder? 


Don't forget to stay tuned for more adventures with this BMW M3 e36 beast soon!


Where should we go next?

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