Hart Voor Auto's - Season Opening - Jet Engines, Sprint races and more - Assen 2023

TrackandTuner.com visited Hart voor Auto's at Assen Circuit. For us the first event of 2023.

It was extremely cold, but great to see another great turnout with over 2.500 show cars. 


Organised by 402Automotive, a lot of diversity and great cars attended. 


There were dragraces, burnouts, displays and the Power Hour with music and action on track. 


The King of the dragrace, was this golden Honda Civic. The car has been transformed by Sneaky tuning to be a sprint monster. It has a sequential gearbox, 4-wheel drive, weights nothing and 1050HP running on E85.  Check out the video down below. 


It absolutely destroyed every car, even the Techart Porsche Turbo S was no match. The runner up was a very fast Audi RS3. 


Like always lots of "Social Media" cars where present like Automatties, Mobicep turn up with about 5 all black great cars, we had Dutch Performante collecting money for the good cause and many others. 


We also saw ex-F1 driver Robert Doornbos, and crash king Tim or Tom (;)) Coronel. 


I like seeing a lot of diversity and this event had plenty. The last part of the event, they organised the "Hour of Power". 


Basically one hour of action on and off track with Menthal Theo behind the DJ booth. 


For me the Jet Engine School bus, was a great ending of the event. When the turbine is spinning the brute force of this right in front of us, is really unique. I think it has a flame tune as standard ;)


Which car is your favorite? 


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