Bimmerfest 2023: I think the new BMW M3 looks great!

TrackandTuner.com visited Bimmerfest 2023. 


This years edition was a very hot one, with temperatures of over 30 degrees but also with a lot hot cars. 


Last year we went with our BMW M3 e36 GT S54 Turbo, this year we brought the BMW M3 F80 and the BMW e30 Turbo. 


Bimmerfest Europe attracts BMW fans from all over the world. Poland, the UK, Germany and more. 


We have seen some great BMW M cars at the oval again.


With the new BMW M3 being a clear favorite of many. 


The new BMW M3 was disliked by many because of the big grills, but look at it now. Keep the OEM look and don't go for the Adro grill as this doesn't improve the car.


The best examples where from the Mflight club from Germany, with many rocking the full carbon fiber CSL grills. 


Speed-tec brought some great BMW's with great engines. A BMW M3 e92 and 46 M3 with a V10 engine and a M3 e36 with a S55 engine, crazy.


Overall lots of hot cars, in the hot weather. Any overheating problems??? Fortunately not for us with our BMW e30 Turbo doing great, even in these conditions.


After 1 year of the new BMW M3, I must say, I like it, I like it a lot! 


What do you think? 


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