MsC Osnabruck 2023: Hillclimb impressions part 2

TrackandTuner.com visited the 2022 MsC Osnabruck Hillclimb last year and the year before. You can clearly say that we have fallen in love with Hillclimb or Bergrennen.  


So in 2023 we of course returned to Osnabruck, which you could see in part one. 


Lots of great cars going up the hill.


This sport is so difficult. You go out, with cold tires, first corner is a bit of a gamble and you only have 1 shot to go as fast as possible. Any mistake will result in big damage. 


The organisation is always top notch, with the VIP guest lounge serving some great food and drinks, while you can look at the main straight, seeing these awesome car launch of. 


From F1 style cars, to big GT cars, to 4 cilinder screamers, everything will rock up and give it them all.


Hillclimbing really has my interest, as the cars are a great mix of bought ready cars and 10 years of working on your car to make it the best ever.


Sometimes it goes wrong like with the Toyota (powered by a V8 Hayabusa engine!) but fortunately the driver had no injuries and the car was already fixed for the next event. Thats the spirit!


Great to see some familiar faces, like the 1000HP Turbo charged Toyota MR2 from South Africa and many more.


What do you think about Hillclimbs or Bergrennen?


Check out the EPIC Audi Quattro rally car sounds in the video down below.

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