Essen Motorshow 2023: Fine Tuning - Final

Trackandtuner.com visited Essen Motorshow 2023.


In the previous parts you will find:

  1. The classic cars
  2. The show cars
  3. The Quality tuners

In this part the final hall with all the high end fine tuning and racing cars, like BBS, ADAC Racing, Protrack and many more.  


I really liked the two new wheel designs by Protrack.


Trackandtuner is a certified Dealer of Protrack, so you can order them directly via us.


You know we love BMW's, so there is a heavy overload with BMW's in this part also.


I loved the white BMW M3 Touring, the VOSS Performance BMW M3 e36 with S54 engine and the new performance parts from Alpha-N for the new BMW M2.


But there was more, like the Hypercar collection or the All black John Player special collection.


Which car would you take back home?

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