A trackday with the Crown's Megane RS

TrackandTuner.com participated during a Trackdays.de Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit event. With many great cars as you can see in our photo reports here, here and here


With many great cars we would love to have taken our BMW M3 Ringtool for this great sunny event. Unfortunately our car isn't ready yet. 


Fortunately we have some great friends around the Nordschleife. Two of our friends have rental cars available and have been long time Partners of TrackandTuner.com.


One of them is the Crown Ring Rentals.  They were kind enough to let us store our BMW M3 Ringtool in their brand new facility. 


However, they also offer a wide variety of rental cars, LHD or RHD, turbo or naturally aspirated we had several options to choose from. 



We picked the LHD Renault Megane RS, just finished with a Coolerworkx short shifter, Recaro Seats, new Protrack wheels and Nankang Semi Slick tyres.

The Megane RS is no stranger to the Nurburgring Nordschleife.  The new Renault Megane RS Trophy R is even the fastest front wheel drive car on the Nordschleife, lapping the FULL track in 7:40.1.


We also loved the looks of the car in general, but the most fun was the Coolerworkx short shifter. It really adds a lot to the Experience, clicking the manual into the next gear feels really rewarding. 


We have quite some experience in driving rear wheel drive cars on the Nordschleife, but our recent activities on the Nordschleife have been in front wheel drive cars. 

With the Cupra or this Megane RS, the rear feels a bit loose when driving it like a BMW M3 for example. However, after you get to feel the car and drive it like it supposed to be, flicking it in the corner and powering out, this car is fast and great fun. 


The car handles great and is easy to control. The Nordschleife has a lot of challenging corners but we never felt any big moments of understeer. This car still is on stock suspension, which soon will be changed and will make sure the car will handle even better. 


We first felt we were under-powered with all the fast Porsche GT3's in the parking lot. But on the Nordschleife, it is all about corner speed, knowledge and the driver. The combination of these factors made the Megane RS great fun and we hardly had any big overtakes from all the Supercars around. 


We also had only positives to say from the Nankang tyres. Really good feedback and with these high temperatures, they pressures stayed consistent, so did the performance.


All in this car was an awesome experience and a great substitute for our BMW M3 e46. 

With the new suspension set up incoming, this car is real trackday weapon and might even be a bargain!


Make sure to get in touch with the Crown Ring rental in Adenau for this great car. 

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