WeDrive: BMW M3 trip to the Nordschleife

TrackandTuner.com went of a weekend trip to the Nordschleife.


We love the Nordschleife, and will never say NO to a trip, especially in this highly tuned BMW M3 F80. This cars has a wide range of modifications, from wheels, wings and even a roll cage, this car is not only show but with almost 600HP also a lot of GOOOO!


During the weekend the Classic GP on the Nurburgring and Touristfahren on the Nordschleife means a lot of great cars, from classic to Hypercars. 


I just like the variety of the cars during TF days.


I do have to say that this color "Yas Marina Blue" must be one of my favorites. 

Like I mentioned the Classic GP was also taking place at the Nurburgring. We love our classic cars, so you can see more here and here!


Back to our holiday home / ferienhaus we stopped at this gorgeous road to take some great pictures with the green Eifel region in the background.


Again a great trip with lots of great cars. 


Didn't want to do many laps otherwise the same would happen as in the video down below :) 

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